SKYLEADER NORTH AMERICA is the exclusive US and Canadian distributor for SkyLeader aircraft, one of Europe’s best sellers. We are currently offering three models the SKYLEADER 600 with its unsurpassed roominess, the SKYLEADER 400 a racy looking model with sports car-like features and a unique gull-wing canopy, and the GP-ONE a carbon composite, high winged, two seat airplane designed for pilot training and low cost flying.  Beginning in 2021, we will be the exclusive North American distributor for the head-turning ALBI UL 39, a truly unique concept in aviation. Already a head-turner at European aircraft exhibitions it is currently in development and will be introduced to the North American market in 2021. ALBI is an entirely new concept in aircraft design.  Although it looks like a sleek jet fighter, it is actually a light sport aircraft powered by an internal ducted fan that is driven by a powerful Rotax engine. With two-place tandem seating and its fighter jet-like flight characteristics, ALBI UL39  is an ideal trainer for jet pilots. And with its stunning looks, it is sure to be the center of  attention anywhere you fly.

Your flight school on steroids

Not only can we provide you with state-of-the-art aircraft but also a modern and affordable flight simulator to compliment your purchase. A Skyleader flight simulator provides a sophisticated learning environment and adds a powerful educational tool to any flight school. For more information on Skyleader flight simulators, please contact us and we will provide you with options and details.